Hello! Where are all the gluten-free vegetarian blogs out there? (Sorry, gf-vegan is just too contrived for this food hound.) After two years of cobbling together recipes from the wonderful gluten-free blogs out there and adapting them for my vegetarian tendencies, I’ve decided to go whole hog and adopt a wheat-free/meat-free blog of my very own. Why should us wheat-tard/meat-tards have to shop around? We shouldn’t. So welcome to GF VegHeads Central. YUM.

I’ll tell you right now that I love ethnic food and am not afraid of a spice cabinet the size of Rhode Island. I am constantly on the hunt for naturally gluten-free goodies that don’t try to be anything they’re not. Let’s face it; there are some very good gf breads out there, but we’re just never going to get the exact same crispy crusty rustic loaf from bean flours. It’s ok, though. There is a world of wacky flour out there and plenty of interesting ethnic goodies that utilize them. So onward on our quest! Our battle cries? We will eat well. We will not be discouraged. We will not miss wheat! And we won’t eat no meat. WORD.