deathsauceIn a world of omnivores, I think vegetarians get the short end of the stick when it comes to being served flavorful food (unless you happen to come across one of the gems in the cooking world who views veggies with the same deference as Bessie the Cow.) What has always been the veghead’s response? Douse the damn meal in hot sauce. I’ve always found this approach less than fulfilling. Hot sauce has its place, but it is not to be used like a crutch to help you forget your woes (or mask other people’s attempts at vegetarian cooking, neverMIND GF-veggie cooking).

That said, I’d like to introduce you to the world’s only hot sauce worth its salt: Blair’s Death Sauce (original flavor, pleeeease)! Don’t be intimidated by the name – it’s not deathly hot. It’s got the perfect blend of spice, tang, and oh so much flava-flave. Much less widely distributed than other brands like (enh) Melinda’s or (gag) Tabasco, but in my opinion, LEAGUES above and beyond. It’s worth a trip to Blair’s website to buy a case. I’m tellin’ ya. Your tastebugs (as I used to call them) will thank you.

A small, but infinitely expandable list of Vehicles for Death Sauce:

  • open-faced grilled cheese sandwich (soH nice!)
  • fried egg on a corn tortilla (staple breakfast food)
  • pizza, pizza (if you can find or make a decent gf one, obv)
  • nachos, oh yes
  • tacos, tostadas, etc, etc
  • on any lame, tasteless bean or rice dish that someone tries to pass off as veggie food! (If I must douse my sorrows in a hot sauce, Death Sauce is the only one that will do)
  • I’m tellin’ ya. Deeeelish.