The End.

Kidding! But for any celiacs in Chicago, Venus is a hot destination. A little visited restaurant in Greektown (little visited b/c it’s off the main strip on Halsted, but only by a half block), they serve Greek-Cypriot food. And, I just discovered they have an extensive gluten-free menu (two full pages!). Woo!

I first discovered their menu online and was skeptical because it did have some suspicious listings. For example, they had patates tiganites (french fries) listed which any savvy gf diner knows is bad news b/c it is fried in the same oil as the breaded Everything, etc. But, when the waiter handed me the gf menu, all of the suspicious items were blacked out – evidently someone showed them the errors in their ways. Being familiar with Greek food, however, I must say that they left off some great gluten-free dishes that do appear on their regular menu, so it’s worth a shot to look at the regular menu and ask. Two great vegetarian dishes to ask for are the pantzarosalata (marinated beets served cold with olive oil and herbs) which goes great with skordalia and talatouri, and lahanika scharas (grilled veggies served with balsamic vinegar and oil). On that happy note, I leave you to dream of gluten-free Greek food. I need my zzzs.