I’ve been a closet salty-breakfast eater my whole life. And I’ve endured 30 years of ridicule for not liking jam and jelly on toast, raisins on anything, and sugar in my cereal. Sometimes I prefer my waffles with just butter, or *GASP* with Indian Lime Pickle instead. My breakfasts regularly consist of a bowl of peas, or an open-faced grilled cheese, or a fried egg on a corn tortilla with Death Sauce. And if I don’t have time to make any of that, bring on the cold pizza or the leftover Chinese food from last night! What a treat.

Apparently Mark Bittman has seen the light as well. Salty-breakfast eaters need not hide in the shadows anymore – we have a high profile food writer behind us! Rejoice! Now I can share my most recent salty breakfast revelation: creamy rice cereal with boatloads of freshly ground pepper and cashews. I’m tellin’ ya. It doesn’t get any better. WOO!

I call it Savory Rice Cereal for Salty-Breakfast-Eaters (and sometimes, Rice Gruel, Breakfast of Champions — ha!) There’s really nothing to it. Bob’s Red Mill makes a creamy rice cereal that is readily available at my local Whole Paycheck (read: Whole Foods). I follow the stovetop instructions on the back and add halved raw cashews while it’s cooking and then top it off with a pat of butter and a BOATLOAD of freshly ground black pepper. If I’m feely saucy, I’ll add a bit of parmesan cheese, but really, there’s no need to get nutty. It’s delish without. Give it a try! You’ll like it! And you’ll like the lack of sugar coma that follows.