Part of this complete breakfast!

Part of this complete breakfast!

Pop quiz:

Since having a baby, I have
A) burned no fewer than 5 meals
B) stopped this food-blogging nonsense
C) gained a whole new appreciation for the ability of my toes to grab objects when my hands are otherwise occupied
D) come up with delightful new ways to snack in the 2-minute windows of freedom a newborn baby affords its poor mama
E) B,C&D
F) A,C&D

Let’s consider A. Pre-baby burned-meal tally? One case of beets left to boil on the stove while we went shopping comes to mind… yowsahs. T’weren’t pretty. Now, post-baby? Let’s see… there was the quinoa, then the polenta. Then the sweet potato fries. Oh yeah – the wild rice. Then the gf cookies. Hmm. A is a definite possibility. Now, B. The answer is clearly not B. Whutchyou thought this is, bwa?! This here’s a BLOG POST! So. B is right out. That leaves C, D, and F. I have indeed wished I had a second set of arms many a time since having this babe. Although I envy our chimpy relatives and the rest of the great apes for having opposable big toes, I have found my own forward-facing big toe pretty dern handy when it comes to picking stuff up off the floor. Heck yah. Which brings me to the point of this post (the correct answer to the quiz is F, by the way): putting together meals with a newborn glued to your chest is mighty hard for a gluten-free veghead who’s used to cooking everything from scratch. Despite my best attempts to carry on as normal, I have burned many a meal and resorted to even weirder snacks than my usual bag of frozen peas (highly recommend, btw). But with a little determination, a few short-cuts, a buttload of pasta and leftovers, I am managing to get by… nay, prosper. Biggest and most entertaining success to date: cookie cereal!!

Cookie cereal. Savor the words. A terrible treat if ever there was one, and JUST what a new mom needs to soothe frayed nerves and hormonal monsoons. Breakfast of champignons, saysme. hee hee! Oh, Calvin would be proud!

First, overcook a batch of relatively expensive gf cookies. Get really annoyed at yourself. Stare at the overly brown lumps in disgust and curse gluten for cornering the market on chewy chocolate chip cookies. Walk away. Change some diapers and remark how much lighter milk poo is than those damn burned cookies. Milk… hmmm. Return with freshly diapered babe and newfound clarity. Get bowl. Spoon. Milk. Stack two cookies in bowl. Drown in milk. Stab. Stab. Stab. Voila. Cookie cereal. The heavens sing!