A friend of mine moved to the tippy-edge of Chicago (which looks suspiciously like the ‘burbs, my friends…) and has a little happy vegetable garden (need anymore proof of ‘burbia?!) Apparently her dill took it upon itself to populate the neighborhood so she has a little extra on hand. She brought some over the other night and I was inspired. PICKLES!!!! By some stroke of genius, good old Stanley’s had a sale on Persian cukes (which are a little longer than a kirby and a lot skinnier with a very small seedy section) and I had 10 of them hanging out in my vegetable drawer. Really crispylicious . Ideal for munching, crunching, lunching, and PICKLES!!!! So here’s what I did. I might add that they came out swimmingly. Yum and yum.

Dill Pickles

  • 1 65 oz. jar (no, I am not going to do the math for you to see how your 3lb 6 oz. jar measures up. Just use a Costco artichoke jar!)
  • 10ish persian cukes or kirbies (aka pickling cukes)
  • 8 large sprigs of fresh dill
  • 1/8 c. sea salt (1/4 cup for kirbies – just tested them)
  • 2 T whole peppercorns
  • white vinegar
  • water

Wash the cukes and arrange in the jar. Enjoy the geometry puzzle. Slide the dill sprigs between the cukes and dump your salt and peppercorns on top (the first time I made this recipe it was with Persian cukes, which are about half as thick as kirbies. They tasted great with just 1/8 c. salt. But the second time I used kirbies, which are thicker and 1/8 c. wasn’t enough so I bumped it up to 1/4 c. Just FYI.) Fill the jar 1/2 full of vinegar and the rest of the way with cold water. Make sure the cucumbers are completely submerged. Put the lid on, shake gently and refrigerate for 2 days (why do I always want to put a “d” in refrigerate?) Makes 10 pickles. DUH!

P.S. Have you ever had those nasty sweet bread and butter pickles? Aren’t they the woist?!! I don’t understand why those are the only homemade pickles you ever come across when dill pickles are so easy to make. HA! – maybe they’re just the ones left in the fridge b/c the dill pickles get eaten first.

Disclaimer: I’m not sure how long these will keep in the fridge b/c we’ve never had them for more than a week. But, these are definitely not the kind of pickles that keep outside the fridge. So don’t sue me if you leave them on the counter and you get yourself sick.