Ok, I am such a dork. I’ve pondered for months now how the Silly Yak Bakery in Madison, WI came up with their name. Maybe they just like yaks? Inside joke perhaps? Or maybe, EINSTEIN, Silly Yak is a delightful little play on Celiac… and lord knows we need some humor in our wheatless-treatless world. Ok, it’s not that bleak, and thanks to dedicated gluten-free bakeries like Silly Yak, it’s positively BUMPIN’!!

Not being much of a sweet hound, I’ve mainly tried their breads and buns. The sweetest I’ve gone is their cinnamon swirl bread and I must say it’s deeeelish. Stay tuned for a french toast recipe made with it. HELLO! Hubba hubba.

Now go out and treat yourself to their goodies. And while you’re at it, convince them to open a bakery in Chicago. City of 3 million people got some ‘yaks who be HUNGRY!