Oy, I’ve been slackin’! Actually, truth be told, I haven’t been slacking at all. We’ve had house guests every single week/weekend since April! So aside from being ‘zausted, I’m also not cooking when I don’t have to and when I do, I’m playing it safe. So no new recipes to post just yet. But! Three things have inspired me to hit the decks again:

  1. A brand, spanky new stove. Shiny in all the right places, it lights like a dream. How have I lived without a “superpower burner” for so long?
  2. Farmer’s market season! It takes farmers a while in Chicago, and then it takes me even longer to change my routine… but this morning I braved the threatening thunderheads and the (even more ominous) traffic to hit the Green City Market. Much to my delight the organic farmers were out in force selling all kinds of spring goodies: the sweetest carrots, delicate little strawberries, flamboyant garlic scapes, you name it. And there are even still CSA shares left to buy from Iron Creek Certified Organic Farms (cha-ching!) of LaPorte, IN.
  3. This recipe for Fennel Leek Gratin from the New York Times’ Recipes for Health. I’m not sure how the word “health” and “gratin” landed together in the same sentence, but we’ll go with it. I’ll be trying it this week. Will let you know how it goes!
  4. Life is good. I am ready to cook. Stay tuned!