There’s a fascinating article in the New York Times today about how a man suffering from celiac disease discovered his weakened immune system had made him susceptible to an uncontrollable yeast population in his gut. He was able to control it by eliminating high-sugar foods from his diet, and interestingly, by moving out of New York City, where there were a number of environmental triggers (mold, pigeon filth) that were exacerbating the condition.

At the same time, there is another fascinating article about the microbiome in our guts and how it is just beginning to be understood by science. This story focusses on a doctor who treated a patient with a raging infection in her gut by replacing her gut microbes with her husband’s gut microbes. They call it a fecal transplant (wow. These scientists should take a page out of the Right’s book for naming unpleasant things: The Patriot Act, The Clean Skies Act, etc.) To date they’ve tried it on 15 patients and it has completely cured 13. Amazing. I wonder if someday they will come up with a cure for celiac that gets our guts in line by simply replacing our microbiomes with healthy, functional ones.