Hard Apple Cider - Make sure it's Gluten-Free!

I’ve had a couple of rude awakenings lately about hidden sources of gluten in things that I assumed were gluten-free. My husband took a beer making class recently and when describing the process he noted that barley malt is a common ingredient in beer – apparently the high sugar content makes for a more alcoholic end product. Then a few weeks later, I was in the mood for hard apple cider and I just happened to pick up a bottle that said “Made without added malt.” What? It never occurred to me that they’d add malt to hard cider, but now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense if their goal was to up the alcohol content of the final product. Dangit. So add cider to the list of things to be careful about and always, always ask to see the label when ordering at a restaurant.

Look for "Gluten-Free" or the absence of "Malt" and "Barley Malt" in the Ingredients