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While I’m on the topic of gluten-free beer… I went into our local Whole Foods today to snag a six pack of Bard’s Gluten-free Beer, but they were out :{. A nice sales person saw my sadface and immediately brightened my day by saying that they always stock at least one of three gluten-free beers. New Grist rice and sorghum ale is one of them. Highly recommend. Niiiiiize!

Another good gluten-free beer: New Grist

I’m just beginning to explore the world of gluten-free beer. I was never a big beer person, but since discovering several gluten-free beer brands, I realized that maybe I never liked beer b/c it didn’t agree with me. Because I must admit, the last few brews I’ve had have awoken a bit of a beer monster in me. Saayyy, that tastes migh-tee-fine!

Matcha powder (image courtesy of FCartegnie thru Wikimedia Commons)

I was at the coffee shop last week and someone in front of me ordered a Green Tea Latte with no syrup. I was feeling sick of the black sludge I throw down daily, so I decided to give it a try. Hummennah-hummenah! Now that’s a-tasty, people! I ordered it without the syrup, fyi, and it was plenty sweet. Sounds like their base is matcha powder with a mildly sweet honeydew syrup. Interesting. Anywhoo, no need for the extra sugar they normally throw in. Deeelish.