If you can’t tell from yesterday’s little sticky rice squeal, I’m on a mission from God to cook and consume as much mango sticky rice as my little tush can handle without swelling to the size of Texas. And you cain’t have sticky rice without coconut milk. Too bad the killjoys of the world would have us know that a big source of exposure to Bisphenol-A (BPA, the nasty hormone disruptor that is getting press for giving babies boobies and men fewer swimmers) is from the lining of canned everything. And although I’ve done a dang good job of eliminating BP-tAstic water bottles and tupperware, cans and catamarans (what?), they just don’t make coconut milk in jars. But lookie what I found:

This brand specifically says gluten-free and BPA-free on the label. JOY! Now if I can only remember what store I bought it in! Dangit.