I am a foodie… with issues.

First came my love of food. Surrounded on all sides by family that loved to cook and to eat, I was indoctrinated young. It started in utero with Chinese food from Empire Szechuan in NYC and recipes from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Then trips to Greece to my grandmother’s kitchen and her epic visits/full-scale kitchen take-overs this side of the Atlantic. Then to Europe and beyond, traveling summers with an opera-singing mother and sampling all sorts of wacky-to-an-8-year-old flavors from seedy mustard on ham (wow!) to pate (hunh.) Then I was on my own to discover everything from Indian to Thai to Ethiopian and more. And discover I did. Life sure was exciting.

Then came vegetarianism. I won’t bore you with the gory philosophical details. They just not that interesting and I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. I chose it for a variety of noble reasons and a genuine love of vegetables, but mainly because it’s hard to serve coq au vin to a vegetarian spouse. And who doesn’t like a challenge of exploring a new way of cooking? After all, aren’t most of the recipes in the world vegetarian? Yes, they are. So veg-sploring we will go.


A bump in the road. A major bump. Gluten got unceremoniously axed from my diet and my arsenal. What’s a foodie to doo? Mourn? A bit. Pout? A smidge. But only for the shortest minute. Because what is being gluten-free and vegetarian if not another challenge to explore foreign cuisines for alternative grains the West has overlooked? Yes. YES!

Over two years ago, I started this blog for myself, really. It was a great way to keep track of recipes I was creating that I didn’t want to lose. And, as a bonus, I thought I might be able to give back a little to the gluten-free community that has given so freely to me since my diagnosis as a celiac. So this blog is intended to help those of us who have chosen the veggie path and been forced onto the gluten-free path, not necessarily in that order. Life is too short to be bitter or underfed, so I hope the recipes here provide some inspiration for you. Amen. Let’s eat!