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I just came across this interesting resource for us celiacs. It’s a searchable database of restaurants around the country who have participated in a Celiac Awareness program run by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. I just searched Chicago and there are only a few restaurants listed. To make this resource really shine, I think we should band together and whenever we find a restaurant with a gluten-free menu, suggest that they visit this site and get their restaurant listed! Here’s how:

Directions for getting your restaurant listed in the Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program

As soon as I read this article in the NYTimes about a vegan publication using stock images that were decidedly NOT vegan, I immediately remembered several Living Without bread recipes that had accompanying images that I was sure were real bread. I am a pretty confident cook and I know a gluten-based bread when I see one. These images were definitely NOT gluten-free bread. And lookie here:

Living Without’s Best Gluten-Free Bagel Recipe.

And Getty Images’ “Basket of Bagels”. Real bagels. Gluteny bagels. Jerks.

Clearly, this is par for the course in publishing. Reader beware.

Sad to say, Mark Bittman is ending the Minimalist, after 13 years writing the weekly column for the New York Times. He has been a wealth of inspiration, and especially in recent years, as he has cut his meat intake down in favor of a “less-meatarian” approach. Big fan. Anywhoo, as part of his farewell, he has posted his favorite 25 recipes from the Minimalist over the years. Check out these naturally gluten-free ones!

Red Pepper Puree
Socca (chickpea pancake)
Parsley Herb Salad
Fennel & Celery Salad
Eggplant Curry (omit asafetida – not always gf)
More-Vegetable-Less-Egg Frittata
Mexican Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Ok, so it feels a little sacrilege posting this video to a gluten-free blog, but it’s just SO COOOOOL! Dang gluten for having such cool properties.

(note: for whatever reason, WordPress won’t let me embed this NYTimes noodle video. Humph! Or maybe I just don’t understand how to embed video. More likely.)

If you can’t tell from yesterday’s little sticky rice squeal, I’m on a mission from God to cook and consume as much mango sticky rice as my little tush can handle without swelling to the size of Texas. And you cain’t have sticky rice without coconut milk. Too bad the killjoys of the world would have us know that a big source of exposure to Bisphenol-A (BPA, the nasty hormone disruptor that is getting press for giving babies boobies and men fewer swimmers) is from the lining of canned everything. And although I’ve done a dang good job of eliminating BP-tAstic water bottles and tupperware, cans and catamarans (what?), they just don’t make coconut milk in jars. But lookie what I found:

This brand specifically says gluten-free and BPA-free on the label. JOY! Now if I can only remember what store I bought it in! Dangit.

Quick! Groupon is offering $40 of gluten-free goodness for $20 at Lincolnshire Gourmet in Highland Park, IL. Go, go, go!

There’s a fascinating article in the New York Times today about how a man suffering from celiac disease discovered his weakened immune system had made him susceptible to an uncontrollable yeast population in his gut. He was able to control it by eliminating high-sugar foods from his diet, and interestingly, by moving out of New York City, where there were a number of environmental triggers (mold, pigeon filth) that were exacerbating the condition.

At the same time, there is another fascinating article about the microbiome in our guts and how it is just beginning to be understood by science. This story focusses on a doctor who treated a patient with a raging infection in her gut by replacing her gut microbes with her husband’s gut microbes. They call it a fecal transplant (wow. These scientists should take a page out of the Right’s book for naming unpleasant things: The Patriot Act, The Clean Skies Act, etc.) To date they’ve tried it on 15 patients and it has completely cured 13. Amazing. I wonder if someday they will come up with a cure for celiac that gets our guts in line by simply replacing our microbiomes with healthy, functional ones.

Naked Juice's new labels let it all hang out...

It happened like this: a well-meaning relative stocked the fridge with Naked Juice’s Green Machine variety and talked all weekend about how glorious it was. She insisted I try it (ok, fine. I read Green Eggs and Ham. I’m down with green juice) and like a braindead fooh, I took a sip and THEN picked up the bottle to read the label. Fourth ingredient: wheat grass. Bastard wheat-beast!

Needless to say, this opened my eyes to a while new section of the drink fridge to watch out for. Thankfully, Naked Juice has redesigned their labels to indicate whether or not their flavors are gluten-free. Scha-weee!

I just saw this article in ScienceDaily. Apparently probiotics and prebiotics can help alleviate the inflammation response characteristic of celiac disease. Let’s hope this research leads to some concrete steps we can take to heal our ailing guts!

I was under the impression that maltodextrin was on the celiac no-no list. Which bummed me out majorly as I waffled at the cashier today over whether I could eat the cracked pepper potato chips I was greedily eying. I played it safe and returned to my desk empty-handed and a little less crispy. But a smidge o’ googling when I got back revealed I was mistaken! First, the Wikipedia page for maltodextrin says it’s so highly processed that the gluten protein is no longer present by the time it hits your smacking lips. (So highly processed? When was the last time I cheered for that?) So just to be safe, I consulted my trusty safe/unsafe food lists from That confirmed it. Woooowee! Ima get me some chips now. BOOM.